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The Institute has its own library, which contains more than 1000 books in Spanish, and offers a loan service.

There are books for learners of Spanish (level-specific) and for Spanish-speaking adults and children. We certainly have something for you!

  • Library for students: Level-specific books to help you consolidate what you have learnt in our courses.
  • Library for Spanish-speaking adults: more than 700 books in Spanish available: classics, thrillers, novels, poems, self-help, etc. 

With books of authors such as Isabel Allende, Noah Gordon, Dan Brown, Stephen King, Ken Follet, Paulo Coelho, Jules Verne, etc.

  • Children's library: more than 500 books for children and young people such as El Barco de Vapor, Pesadillas, Manolito Gafotas, Kika Superbruja, Disney, etc.

Check the book collection

Ilustración Becas

There are also some books in other languages such as English and French

How can I borrow books?

  1. Complete this registration form so that we can have your contact details. When you come to the institute, we will give you your UCAM Library card.
  2. Come and visit the institute to borrow up to 3 books per person for one month, extendable for a maximum of another month.
  3. If you are unable to come and visit us, you can ask for a courier to collect the books you want.
  4. Enjoy reading our books. 
  5. When the deadline is near, return the books so that others can continue enjoying them. Also, don't forget to take new books with you to keep reading in Spanish!

Activities / Cultural events

The main purpose of the institute is not only limited to teaching Spanish at our facilities, but also to offer outdoor activities and events in order to promote the Hispanic culture and to practice the newly acquired knowledge in Spanish.