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Spanish Official Exams

DELE Exams

The DELE Exams cover all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

DELE for Escolars

This official test is intended for Spanish learners between the ages of 11 and 17, regardless of their nationality or origin.

The particularity of the DELE Escolares A2/B1 test is that, unlike the other exams, this exam, depending on the grade obtained, will lead to level A2 or level B1.

People over 19 years of age must register for the general (adults) examinations. With 18 years you could choose between the children or the adults exam.

There are two exams, which follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR:

Más información sobre la prueba

The price of the DELE exam varies according to the level:

Diploma Levels Price

DELE General (from 16 years old)
  • Levels A1
  • Levels A2
  • Levels B1
  • Levels B2
  • Levels C1
  • Levels C2
  • 533.61 AED 
  • 630.63 AED 
  • 716.10 AED
  • 883.57 AED
  • 970.20 AED
  • 1045.27 AED

DELE Escolares (11 to 17 years old)
  • Levels A1
  • Levels A2/B1 
  • 533.61 AED 
  • 716.10 AED 
  1. If you wish to register, please complete this Registration Form.
  2. Payment can be made by bank transfer, payment link or by credit card at the institute.
  3. Please send the completed Registration Form, proof of payment and a copy of the test taker's passport to With these documents we will register you on the Cervantes Platform.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email once registration is complete.
  5. One week before the exam we will send you an email with the final details.

Once you have taken the test, you will receive the results of the DELE exam at the e-mail address you used for registration, approximately three months after the written tests took place.

If you passed, UCAM Spanish Institute, as the examining centre, will receive the candidate's physical diploma within 3 months of obtaining the results. The diploma is processed by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. 

Once we receive the physical diploma, we will send you an email to inform you that you can pick it up. 


The DELE exam, the official diploma of Spanish as a foreign language, allows you to officially accredit your level of Spanish. The diploma does not expire and is internationally recognised (Ministries, Universities, Business Schools, etc.).

Yes, it is not necessary to take the lower level exam in order to gain access to the higher level.

Yes, you do not need to take a course with us in order to register for the DELE exam.

In order to be able to take the DELE A1 exam, it is advisable to do levels A1.1, A1.2 and A1.3.

The DELE diploma does not expire.

Yes, through private classes with teachers specialised in DELE exam preparation. We also have specific materials for your preparation, as well as sample exams. More information can be found in the Preparation section.

On the website of the Instituto Cervantes you can find more information about the structure of the exams, the exam specifications, the exam guide, as well as model exams. There are books for DELE exam preparation that we use in our private classes. However, we do not sell these DELE preparation books.

Each DELE exam has a registration deadline.  This is usually one or two months before the exam date. Check all the details in the Dates section.

Yes, you have 14 days, from the date of registration, to request a refund. To do so, please contact


You can find more specific information about the test on the website of the Instituto Cervantes, see this link.

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