Spanish for Non-native Children

¡Spanish for your kids!

We offer a teaching program in the Spanish Language for your kids to learn while enjoying the process in a fun and professional environment. Our teachers are certified Spanish native speakers from the education sector with experience teaching children.

Due to Covid-19, most of the courses are online through a platform called Blackboard Collaborative. We also have presential classes (with all the security measurements). Please check the FLYER with all the details. 

From September 12th, 2022 we will start the First Term of Spanish Children Course for non-native kids. This term will have 13 sessions ending on December 10th.

Timings and Groups 

The classes are once a week from 4.30 to 6 pm on the weekdays or Saturday mornings on the weekends. Your kid will be able to finish one level in one academic year (from September to June).

We follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Kids are divided into different groups by age and level. Check the courses and timing in the flyer below: 

More details

  • Native teachers: Our teachers are native Spanish speakers professionals from the education sector with previous experience teaching kids.
  • Recommended age: The courses are recommended for kids from 5 to 15 years old.
  • Kids per class: 
    • The online course will have from 4 to 10 kids per class.
    • The in-house course will have from 5 up to 8 kids per class with all the security measurements.
  • Assessment: If your kid already knows some Spanish, he/she could take a free assessment with our Academic Coordinator. Once he/she has done it we will recommend the right level and group for your kid.
  • Communication with the tutor: Through a Whatsapp group you could ask the teacher any questions related to the class or the homework. Also, the administrative staff will give you support with any technical problem in case you have. 
  • Final exam and results: At the end of the term, the students will have an exam in order to see if they got all the content taught in the course. In the last class of the term, you will receive your kid marks.


Each group will have a student Spanish book for non-native kids adapted to their level. The book can be used for one academic year with classes once a week. The price is 200 AED inc VAT and is not included in the course price.

Fees: It depends on the program you choose:

First Term Children Course Online Presential
Once a week (13 Sessions) 1170 AED 1430 AED
Saturday Course  (12 Sessions) - 1320 AED
Enrolment fee (Only the first time as a new student) 200 AED 200 AED
Book (For the whole academic year) 200 AED 200 AED

All the prices are VAT included.

Early bird discount: Pay before September 7th and don't pay the enrollment fee!

Sibling discount: * 10% discount over the course for the first sibling onwards.

How to register?

If you would like to enrol your kid in the course, please fill out this enrolment form and confirm his/her attendance by emailing