The Institute has its own library with more than 1000 books with a lending service. 

There are books for students, adults and kids Spanish speakers. There is something for you for sure!

  • Library for students: Books by levels that will help then to reinforce what they are learning in our courses.
  • Library for adults Spanish speakers: more than 700 books in Spanish available, from classics, thriller, novel, poems, self-help, etc. With books from authors like Isabel Allende, Noah Gordon, Dan Brown, Stephen King, Ken Follet, Paulo Coelho, Julio Verne, etc.
  • Library for children: more than 500 books for kids and teenagers like El Barco de Vapor, Pesadillas, Manolito Gafotas, Kika Superbruja, Disney, etc. 

Please check here all the books available at the Institute for lending.

There are also some books in other languages like English and French. 

If you would like to donate books for the library, please contact us on or on +971 588 824077.

Cultural activities / events

The main actions of the school are not only limited to the teaching of Spanish in our facilities but also offering activities and outdoor events with the purpose of promoting the Hispanic culture and practising the newly acquired Spanish knowledge.