CCSE is an examination test prepared by the Instituto Cervantes that assesses, through different tasks, knowledge of the Constitution and of the Spanish social and cultural reality. 

It is one of the requirements, established in the law, for the granting of Spanish nationality for Sephardim originating in Spain, and for the acquisition of nationality for residents of Spain, as appropriate.


Exam Date Timing Deadline to register
Thursday, February 25th  6 and 8 pm  February 4th, 2021 
Thursday, April 29th   6 pm April 8th, 2021
 Thursday, June 24th  6 and 8 pm  June 3rd, 2021
 Thursday, September 30th 6 pm September 9th, 2021
 November 25th 6 pm  November 4th, 2021

How is the test?

Format: The test consists of five tasks with 25 multiple-choice questions (3 closed answer options), or true/false, on constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain.

Duration: 45 minutes.


Scoring Correct answers receive 1 point and incorrect answers 0 points. Incorrect answers or blank answers are not penalized.

To pass the test it is necessary to correctly answer 15 of the 25 questions (60% of the questions).

The results will be communicated about 20 days after the completion of the test.

How much is it?

The registration fee for the 2021 CCSE test is 85 €. This price includes exam fees, issuance of qualification certification, and access to all preparation materials, including the CCSE test preparation manual.

Enrolling in the CCSE test gives the right to appear up to a maximum of two occasions, only in the event that a candidate does not pass the test on the first attempt, or has not appeared on the first call.

How to register?

Registration, and the corresponding payment, must be made online, after registering, within the private space of the Cervantes website.