Spanish for non-native children

¡Spanish for your kids!

We offer a teaching program in the Spanish Language based on the objectives of the teaching curriculum of the Spanish Language in Spain. Our teachers are native Spanish speakers as well as professionals from the education sector, with experience in private and public education.

Which is the objective? 

That your child could learn a new language in a fun and professional environment.


All the children older than 6 years old could take an individual small assessment before joining a class. The assessment is an orientation for the initial evaluation of our teaching team.

The content of the course

After the assessment, we will give you the content and the objectives stipulated for the group that best suit the needs of your child.

Communication with the teacher

General meetings are held at the beginning and end of each course to solve any type of doubt. Likewise, the teacher will have a tutorial schedule to attend to the personal questions of each family, in person, by phone or through email.

Courses and Schedules 

The classes are once a week in a 1,5 hours session from 4.30 pm to 6 pm on weekdays or in the morning times on Saturdays.


Due to the current situation, we have done a special promotion: no need to pay the enrolment fee (160 AED) or the book (200 AED) this term. We have also done a discount on the course price.

  • Course price: 1100* AED inc VAT for 10 sessions of this term.

*10% discount for the second sibling. 15% discount for the third sibling and onwards.