General Spanish Course

During this time because of the current situation with Covid-19 the group classes are live sessions through the videoconferencing system Zoom or Blackboard Collaborative. You would enjoy the same experience as our face-to-face classes but from the comfort of your home. Same small groups, same great teachers, same quality, same fun! 

Because of this, we are also doing a SPECIAL PROMOTION of a 30% discount on our group courses.

At UCAM Español Institute we offer two types of group courses:

Regular Spanish Courses

Total hours 30 Hours
Duration 7,5 weeks in total (almost 2 months)
Hours per week 4h per week
Schedule Weekdays  2h session twice a week
Schedule Weekends   4h session on Saturdays
Course Free  1750 AED inc VAT now (Before 1995 AED inc VAT)

During almost all year, we offer Regular Spanish Courses, this is a course which comprises 4 hours per week in 7.5 weeks. This means you could get one level in almost two months!


Intensive Spanish Courses

Total hours 24 Hours
Duration 4 weeks in total (one month)
Hours per week 6h per week
Schedule Weekdays  2h session 3 times a week or 3h session twice a week 
Schedule Weekends  3h session on Friday and Saturday
Course Free 1395 AED inc VAT now 

Especially during Ramadan and summertime, we offer Intensive Spanish Courses, this is a course which comprises 6 hours per week in 4 weeks. This means you could get one level in one month!

We are starting a new course on July 26th-27th (weekdays' groups) or August 6th, 2020 (weekends' groups).

Check more information about the schedule and the fees:

More information

In our courses, we use the book Aula Internacional from the publishing house Difusión, which can be used in more than one course and is also recommended by the Instituto Cervantes. The price is 160 AED inc VAT.

At the end of any of the courses, you will have a final exam. Once you pass it, you could get your diploma certificated by the Higher Language School of UCAM University in Spain.

All our teachers are Spanish native speakers certified.

Our groups are small, the number of students per class is normally from 5 to 10 students.

    Our level structure:

    We use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, as you can see below. The A1.1 is the starter course for those students who have never studied the Spanish language in the past.

    To be able to complete the full beginner level, students will need to finish the six courses listed a total of 180h, from A1.1 to A2.3,. When students finish a level, automatically the consecutive one will be opened for those interested in continuing with their education in the Spanish language.

    Free assessment:

    If you have previously studied the Spanish language before and you would like to continue studying, we recommend you take an online free assessment from Instituto Cervantes in order to check your level. Contact us to complete the evaluation with the speaking skill test.

    How to register?

    If you would like to enroll in our courses please fill this Online Enrolment Form and send an email to confirming your attendance.

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