General Spanish Course

At UCAM Español Institute we offer general Spanish courses of different levels.

Duration Fee Book
30 h 1.995 AED 160 AED

Every level is completed after 30 h.

 Our students usually attend UCAM twice a week during 2 h per session on the weekdays.

Or once a week for 4h session on the weekends.

*Enrollment Fee: 160 AED

(Only new students)

The same book can be used in different courses.

Publishing house: Difusión. “AULA INTERNACIONAL”

Courses and fees

Our level structure:

As you can see below, this is how we structure our levels and courses. The A1.1 is the starter course for those students who have never studied the Spanish language in the past. To be able to complete the full beginner level, students will need to finish the six courses listed - a total of 180h. When students finish a level, automatically the consecutive one will be opened for those interested in continuing with their education in the Spanish language.

Free assessment:

If you have previously studied Spanish language and you would like to continue studying but you don't know which is your level, contact us and we will give you a free assessment and advise you on which level of the listed would be more appropriate for you.