Course Details

Dates: Starting from April 13th until May 29th.

Structure: You will have 4 hours of class per week for 6 weeks. Beginners could also choose an Intensive Course that will have 6 hours of class per week for 4 weeks.

Schedule: It depends on the level, the classes are in the morning, evening, or weekend timings, check here the FLYER for more details.

Price: The cost of the course is 1495 AED inc VAT. You should also pay the enrolment fee of 200 AED inc VAT in advance to book your spot.

Early bird discount: Pay before April 6th, 2021, and don't pay the enrolment fee

Materials: We will provide you with all the materials needed for the course.

Level: You could do any level of Spanish, within this course you would be able to finish one sublevel, for example, A1.1.

If you have studied Spanish before we recommend you take an online free assessment

Diploma: At the end of the course you will have a test if you pass it, you can get your diploma, accredited by the Instituto Cervantes (the higher institution for the Spanish language).

Teachers: are certified, Spanish native speakers.