22 August 2021
September is almost here! It's time to start something new! What about learning Spanish? You could watch the Spanish TV series without subtitles and understand the songs after taking our Spanish Couses Online or at the Institute led by Certified Native Teachers starting from September 5th!
If you would like to try how our Online classes are you could join the Online Trial Class for Beginners on Wednesday, September 1st from 6.30 to 7.30 pm, please fill this form if you would like to attend.


Schedule: Check here the September/October Adults Course 2021 with all the timings, levels and dates.

You could also choose between:
  • Online Live Sessions: Classes are live sessions, the teacher and the students are connected all the time during the class. 
  • Classes at the institute: Will follow all the security measurements against Covid-19.

Price: It depends on the program you choose:

  • Online Live Sessions + Enrolment free + Book = 2200 AED. Use this payment link.
  • Course at our Institute + Enrolment free + Book = 2445 AED. Use this payment link.

Enrolment fee: 200 AED Only the first time as a new student. Book: 250 AED is for more than one course. All prices are VAT Inclusive

Early bird discount: Pay before August 30th and don't pay the enrolment fee! ​
  • Online course + Book = 2000 AED. Use this payment link.
  • Course at the institute + Book = 2245 AED. Use this payment link.
  1. Is the exclusive Accredited Centre by the Instituto Cervantes (the higher institution for the language) for the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language in all GCC countries
  2. You could get a diploma, accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.
  3. Teachers are certified, Spanish native speakers. We are specialized in the Spanish language, teaching it already for more than 7 years in UAE.
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Email: espanol@ae.ucam.edu