11 Febrero 2019
Your children's midterm holidays are here! Have you already planned what are they going to do? How are they going to be entertained, learning something and having fun? 
They can do all that while learning Spanish in our Midterm Camp Spanish Camp. They will be in a Spanish environment been able to practice or learn the language doing different activities
More information about it: 
 Content:    Math, logistic, science, geography, arts and handcrafts, Spanish songs, painting, drawing, and traditional Spanish games.
- Schedule:   9 am - 12 m (3 hours per day)
- Date:          February 17th - 21st 
- Cost:          AED 350 inc VAT.
- Kids should bring a little snack.
If you will like to bring your kids, please contact us on: 
Phone: 044308286 / 0556498967