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    Your children's midterm holidays are here! Have you already planned what are they going to do? How are they going to be entertained, learning something and having fun? 
    They can do all that while learning Spanish in our Midterm Camp Spanish Camp. They will be in a Spanish environment been able to practice or learn the language doing different activities
    More information about it: 
     Content:    Math, logistic, science, geography, arts and handcrafts, Spanish songs, painting, drawing, and traditional Spanish games.
    - Schedule:   9 am - 12 m (3 hours per day)
    - Date:          February 17th - 21st 
    - Cost:          AED 350 inc VAT.
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    Still haven't heard about Spain at Global Village contest? You can win a prize of 3000 AED learning about the adventurous Don Quijote de la Mancha! 
    Here you have all information JOIN US!
    Contest Rules:

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    Dear parents,

    From September 14, UCAM Español Institute opens the doors to children from age 7 onwards! 

    Our new courses of Spanish language are specifically designed for the youngest ones in the house so that they can have fun at the same time that they learn the top #2 language in the world. 

    Nowadays, providing your children with Spanish language is comparable to a few years back when parents wanted their children to learn English. Now that everybody speaks English, what’s next? 

    At UCAM Español Institute we have pioneer teachers, with years of experience in the Spanish education system that will boost your children abilities to learn Spanish at the same time that they have fun and interact with other children. 

    Give us a call or come over to meet us. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss the best option for your children learning progress. 

    Enrolment period is already open!