AR Who we are

The UCAM Spanish Institute DMCC is part of the ESI (Higher Language School) of the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia, Spain. All of our courses and activities are supervised by the ESI and there is coordination with other international Spanish schools, such as in Jakarta and the UK. The ESI has five headquarters, three sites in Spain, one in the UK, and another in Dubai. The main purpose of the last one, in Dubai, is to promote the teaching, study, and use of Spanish in the Middle East, as well as contributing to the diffusion of Hispanic cultures. The UCAM Spanish Institute is the first Spanish center in the UAE, in operation since April 2014, dedicated to spreading the Spanish language through the different courses and the wide amounts of extra activities that we offer. The importance of learning Spanish nowadays falls into the large number of speakers of this wonderful language. Currently, Spanish is the second most spoken mother tongue in the world and the third most spoken language in the world, the total number of speakers after Chinese Mandarin and English. So promoting the study of Spanish, so demanded today internationally by a context of European integration and economic globalization, has become one of the aims of this body.

The methodology

All classes are taught in Spanish from the first level (A1.1). In order to facilitate communication, the teacher's speech is adapted to the student's level, and body language is used as one of the main supports. The use of this methodology, where Spanish is presented in all the language skills, helps students to become more familiar with the sounds of this new language. Nevertheless, English is used at specific times to clarify some concepts.


Our teachers are experienced graduates and native Spanish speakers, who help students in their learning process, creating a climate of trust and offering continuous assistance.

Course offer

The UCAM offers Spanish for adults as well as for children. On the one hand, Spanish for adults is offered for either group classes, private, or for business. In any case, all courses are governed by the Common European Framework of Languages. In the case of groups, most of our groups have a duration of 30 hours, distributed in 4 hours per week and 2 days a week. There is an exception, the intensive group, which makes the 4 hours on the same day usually on Saturdays. The maximum number of students is fixed at 15 students and the minimum at 3. The private lessons can be for one or two people. These classes have more flexible hours, as they are planned according to the needs of the student. Regarding to Spanish for business, this is focused on companies that want to train their workers in the Spanish language. On the other hand, for Spanish courses for children, these courses are focused for both native Spanish speakers (who reinforce reading, spelling, vocabulary, etc) , as well as for non-native children (second language). Children are grouped considering two factors: age and level. In addition, the UCAM Spanish Institute is present in different schools in Dubai following a Program of Mother Tongues (inserted in the curriculum), or as an extra-school form. As you can see, the UCAM Dubai is in expansion and one of the characteristics now is that it is presents its new facilities, such as, Spanish Soccer School in Sports City, where there is an offer of Spanish lessons for both children and adults.


The school has its own library, with a book-lending service, so that our students can take a deep breath in Hispanic literature. We also have a wide range of books for sale, structured by levels, very advisable to reinforce the Spanish teaching of our students.

Cultural activities / events

The principle actions of the school are not only limited to teaching languages in our facilities, but also offers activities/events/outdoors with the purpose of promoting Hispanic culture and practicing acquired Spanish knowledge.

Institutional Relations

We enjoy an excellent relationship with Hispanic Embassies. We share materials, participate in common events, and collaborate on various occasions with common goals.